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Why Choose HAMCO?

Find out the differences that makes HAMCO unique to being the right choice for you.

Finance Plans

What finacing options are currently available from HAMCO? How does it work?

Winter Furnace Maintenance

By scheduling annual preventative maintenance with our team of expert technicians, you’re elongating the lifespan of your furnace, saving money on future repairs and energy bills, and keeping your home as comfortable as possible. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s imperative that you schedule annual preventative maintenance and service for your air conditioning to ensure that it’s working properly, running cleanly, and isn’t at risk of future disrepair or breakdowns.

What to Ask When Buying a New Furnace

Buying a new furnace can be a big commitment. When purchasing new equipment, your hoping to commit to the machine for 15-20 years.

Changing a Filter on a Furnace

A critical part of furnace care that many homeowners often forget is ensuring that their furnace filter is cleaned or replaced regularly.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The importance of carbon monoxide detectors – where to locate them in the home and how to maintain them.

Humidifiers & Thermostats

The importance of humidifying your home and some of the new thermostats on the market that make your life easier.

Andrew discusses converting oil to natural gas

Our very own Andrew Vasilak discusses converting oil to natural gas.

Maintenance Plans

Learn all about HAMCO’s maintenance plans.

Highest Quality Standards

With HAMCO Heating & Cooling you’re getting value, quality materials, and great customer service!

Hydro Rate Increase

Listed TV Plus and HAMCO discuss the recent hydro rate increase.

As a Baeumler Approved Contractor, HAMCO guarantees every job is done right!

All Baeumler Approved Members are required to sign, and adhere to a Code of Conduct, based on Bryan’s approach to customer service and satisfaction.


baeumler Treat all of their customers and their property with respect.

baeumler Provide quotes that are fair, honest and reasonable.
baeumler Keep the customer abreast of project progression.
baeumler Follow all federal, provincial/state and municipal bylaws.
baeumler Maintain active insurance and follow health and safety regulations.
baeumler Provide employees with education and training for safety.
baeumler Maintain a clean and safe workplace for staff and customers.
baeumler Complete work to a professional standard.
HAMCO Heating & Cooling is proud to be Baeumler Approved, and believes strongly in the Baeumler Code of Conduct.
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